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J. Shaw…Leader of The Rilla Movement..

“Atlanta’s own” Hip-Hop Recording artist…Creator of Southern Soul Hip-Hop!”

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“Great Stuff!”

“I been listening to elevators or escalators the quality sounds real good..”

“Chilled stuff…The song is pretty dope”

“Yeah i like dat still shit cool bro i like the way u rap as well cool af mans gonna share that in a couple mins and that”

“Yo . ya shit hot frfr . so keep pushing that shit sweetie”

“I heard some your music on YouTube. You’re good!”


“I want to hear more of J Shaw”

“Damn bro ur mixtape is dope”

“i loveeee dah musicccc”

“raw lyrics”

— Alice Neily, Review You Magazine 

“I was entranced, and wanted to make absolutely sure I was hearing the words correctly before I dug into an assumed level of talent. As it turns out, I heard right. No assumption necessary. Elevators or Escalators is poetry.

And sensuality. And social consciousness. Not to mention a really tasty slice of rhythm—clean instrumentals, solid beats. The album braids together threads of individual and societal difficulties, as well as larger concepts of love and non-violence. Overall, Shaw’s passion comes through with vengeance.
Shaw, with his poetic talent, cultural and personal awareness, and of course, skill with woven compilation and controlled repetition, is certainly on his way to being one of those old/new greats, if his isn’t already. So, my whole Tupac thing. Well, I still stand by it, but now maybe when someone asks and I say that I won’t pick just one, I’ll mean it for different reasons. Lyricism is important, particularly in rap music.